I find myself somewhere in my middle age starting over. I have moved out of my home that I’ve shared with my husband for over 13 years and ending a marriage that has lasted over 2 decades. I’ve always been a bit of a gyspy so the moving is an adventure for me that I don’t mind, and the other half of the splintered partnership doesn’t enjoy the moving or changing so he keeps the house.

My new place has a lot of potential. Its small and mostly clean although I had to pay way more then I wanted to clean the carpets. The previous renter says she didn’t smoke in the house but the house smells like maybe she wasn’t totally honest. I washed the walls and windows with vinegar, as I was told to do online. Cleaned the carpets, changed the light bulbs. My latest idea was to simmer the leftover gumbo that no one was going to finish to help the house smell like yummy homemade chicken gumbo. It was working beautifully until I got so busy I left the house for a hour and didn’t turn it off. Needless to say, it scorched down to the bottom. I am very lucky the fire alarms didn’t go off! The house smelled so bad and my closet which is right about the kitchen was disgusting!!

But a few days later both smells have canceled each other out. Somehow burning the gumbo changed something. Its like my marriage that has ended. It was neglected for awhile and scorched down to nothing.

And now I start over.

#burntgumbo #divorce #startingover #gettingridofcigarettesmells


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