Currently my children are 20, 18, 16, and 13. I knew that I was getting somewhat close to being a empty nester but I hadn’t yet begun to practice only feeding one person, or only doing laundry for one. Now that they only live with me half of the month I am thrust into this new territory. I feel so guilty running such small loads of laundry but if I wait to have a full  load I will be forced to do the laundry naked because it would require everything I own. I have forgotten to feed myself more then cereal on more then one occasion simply because I am used to making big meals. There are lovely parts to this however. When I clean my bathrooms they stay clean, my shoes aren’t hiding in my daughters closet, my special occasion cokes are still in the fridge. And today no one is rolling their eyes at the music I choose to blast through my apartment while cleaning. #choosehappiness


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