IMG_1428Remember the Garfield comics? Every time the cat Garfield crossed a patch of sunlight he fell asleep, sometimes he would attempt to go around it, or show that he was capable of walking through it without sleeping, but it never worked. I am Garfield.

In the house I lived in for the last 14 years I knew where the best patches of sunlight were, and what time frame I could best sit in them. All winter long when I was craving sunlight I knew where and when I could lay in them. But they were small patches and mostly on the hardwood floor. But hey, desperate time, desperate measures.

My new house has a large patch of sun right on my bed, everyday! This is such a happy place for me. I can sit there in comfort and feel the sun sink into my skin and bones. Sometimes I wake up as the sun leaves the bed and i’m hot and maybe a little groggy for sleeping in the middle of the day, but I sure love it. I have all white sheets and comforter so it can be a blinding patch of sun lol. When I don’t have time to stay long just seeing it makes me feel happy and a little warmer.

Isn’t it all about the simple things, the small things that make you happy?  Random hugs, a really cold coke, my latest anthem coming on the radio right when I need a cheerleader?

There is a post going around Facebook from a man whose wife was killed in the Paris attacks. I cried my way through it, his message is so beautiful and haunting. His point was to choose happiness. It was the only post or thought I wanted share about the attacks. I can’t imagine the pain and loss happening not just in Paris, but the various cities around the world being attacked. But this man is choosing happiness. I will choose happiness, in my own small tragedies of failed marriage and kids who are going down paths that will hurt them and me. I will seek out the sunshine and not hide in sorrow and shadows.


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