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I had a cuff style bracelet for a few years that I loved. I bought it at a half marathon expo. It had a saying on it that was something like, The courage to start, the strength to endure and the wisdom to finish, you know something like that. And it was a comfort or talisman to me. When I had a son going through a very difficult time I would find myself rubbing the words on the cuff as if to ground myself. I lost it while snorkeling one summer and I have never found another like it. But I learned that I do better when I have something that like on me.

I currently have 2 things I wear that I feel are a comfort to me. One is a round pendant that my late grandmother gave me from Murano Italy and I find myself holding it at times while it’s on my neck and rubbing the smooth glass. Maybe once or twice I have found myself holding it in my teeth, I don’t think I’ll look into that one. The second thing is lovely spoon ring I found at a craft fair.

I perhaps find more symbolic meaning behind the spoon ring then most people would and maybe it doesn’t make sense to anyone but myself. I feel like in the past chapter of my life, the 21 years of marriage I was a spoon. I was for being useful and helpful, and I know a lot of moms feel that way. That I was just a spoon. But now I’m not needed as a spoon anymore and I have cut off that part of me and become a ring. Rather then become ground up and ruined in the garbage disposal then carelessly thrown away, I am reinvented.


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