My youngest 2 children are the farthest part in age then any of the rest. My daughter is almost 3 years younger then her brother, while the rest of them are less then 2 years. I have thought many times through the years that these 2 are actually twins separated by 3 years. I joke if my body could have handled twins they would have been sent together. Since they were very little they have had an amazing bond. They play the best together, get lost in their own world and were like little puppies playing together as kids. Even now when he is 16 and she is 13 they still love to talk and hang out. Sure the teenage disdain sometimes crosses his face as they talk or she makes fun of him in some way but it is always in good fun. When I drive my son to competitions we are usually very quiet and just kind of veg out for most of the drive. When my daughter comes along they laugh and play and roll around the hotel rooms bouncing off the walls. I wonder if that means I’m boring to travel alone with lol.

They have been able to stay at my house the last few days and I love it. I miss hearing them talking and giggling down the hall together as they brush teeth and tease each other about their bedtime routines. I am so grateful for how well they are rolling with life and adjusting to the many changes we have thrown at them this year.

I am grateful that I am adjusting as good as can be expected as well. When they are not here and I’m home  alone I go to sleep earlier and enjoy the peace and quiet. When they are here I love cooking with them, having them so close. I find I can enjoy the benefits of it all and I think thats a lovely thing.

My oldest two sons come over for dinner but prefer to sleep at their dads house since his house has beds for everyone. Which I understand, but I miss seeing more of them. I love to have late night talks about whatever is on their mind. But they are also 18 and 20 and very much on their way out. They would prefer to be talking with their peers.

I guess nothing is perfect and no family is perfect, we just love each other the best we can and roll with the waves.


3 thoughts on “Time with My Kids

  1. This is definitely like me and my brother in the oldest I’m 27 and he’s 23 and we love to hang out even my younger brother he’s 15 and I always loved spending time with them my mom always thought we were like twins always doing the same things and hanging out ❤️ God bless your family happy holidays🎄😘

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