Some days the panic I feel is so overwhelming, like I’m in the bottom of a deep chasm and I can’t find a way out. Who leaps from a sad but safe ship into the abyss with no plan, no training, no career or way to support themselves?

Me apparently.

But doesn’t the sky look amazing from down here. Did I recognize how blue the sky was when I wasn’t in this hole? Maybe it was something that was taken for granted. Now the opportunity is here to recognize it and begin the journey to reach it.

My Christmas road trip took us through Antelope Canyon. In the middle of a large unassuming field, there is a crack in the ground that doesn’t look like much. Once you descend steep metal ladders to the bottom, the colors and textures of walls years in the making are beautiful and haunting. There are several formations that have been named like; The Lion, The Lady in the Wind, The Eagle Flying and The Chief. Years of water wore down the walls to become this beautiful place that I highly recommend visiting. I really enjoyed the Lower Antelope Canyon Tour group, their tour guides were so informative. It was crowded even in the winter, but if you point the camera the right way it looks like you are the only one there.

Maybe all the years of becoming me is why I am at the bottom of the chasm looking up at what I am becoming. I think she is someone worth visiting too.





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