Light Bulbs

I made a comercial a few months ago. I still haven’t seen it on tv and I’ve tried searching the internet. I guess maybe if I watched tv on occasion there would be a higher chance of me seeing it! It was for Icy Hot and Gold Bond with Shaquille O’Neal. I’m the lady using the rowing machine and suffer from sudden painful knee problems lol. If anyone sees it let me know!!

We filmed in early December so it was freezing and of course wardrobe puts me in tiny workout shorts and a tank. It was in a lovely home that had a living room with giant glass walls that looked out to a pool and cabana. It was easy to put myself into character and enjoy my lovely yard while working out!

The hard thing about it, besides the cold, was the expectation that an actress has a perfect body. Which I don’t. I work out, but it isn’t my life.Ii’m also a mom and a busy person who really loves food. So i’m in good shape but I have some lumps and bumps and I dreaded it when I saw the booty shorts they pulled out. I tend to wear workout shorts that go longer, or capris! I heard two people having a conversation while I got into place that actresses shouldn’t have fat and it made me sad. Of course I wish I didn’t have fat, and no wonder it’s so hard on women actors trying to be perfect.

This week I was helping film a new tv show and I met an actress I have loved watching on screen. Its always amazing to meet actors we admire in person and see they have normal skin, a few wrinkles and some lumps of their own. It’s amazing what the crew does with makeup, great lighting and some editing. I wish I could walk around in the perfect lighting all the time.

Perhaps in our heads we insist on seeing our selves with ugly fluorescent lighting. How do we build up some beautiful warm lights in our mind to see our best selves and to be kinder in our self assessment?


Bedtime Sweets

My two youngest children who stay with me every other week and make it glorious, have begun a new night time ritual. I am sure it won’t last for obvious reasons, but I think it can easily transition.

We share a fresh mango every night before bed. We have been eating dried mangos for years and everyone loves them, so when I saw a box of very lovely looking mangos at Costco one week I brought them home and thus it began. I’m not actually very good at cutting them, but I don’t think that hurts them. I dream about the mangos I’ve read about in books the size of footballs fresh off the trees.

We stand around the counter and share more thoughts about the day or whats going on in our lives. We laugh and eat sweet slices of heaven right before disappearing into our rooms.

I am so grateful. I will need to find a new fruit perhaps? When is mango season over?

I found a lovely recipe I want to try when I can’t get fresh mango

Dairy Free Mango Lassis

3 Heaping cups frozen mango

Juice of 1 large lemon

3 cups coconut milk

1/4 cup honey

Combine in a high power blender or food processor and process until smooth and blended. Serve immediately. 

Or this recipe  and add mango. I actually helped film all the shots on this page from February on. 🙂 fun fact


Fresh Scones

Tonight while I was watching one son compete in the state championship for gymnastics my other son called and informed me that he and his girlfriend were craving scones.

I love making scones, I love eating them with honey butter, or nutella or dredged in sugar and cinnamon… so yummy! When I was growing up my mom would make taco meat and we would fill the hot scones with meat, cheese and lettuce and it was heaven!

Now however I can’t have the gluten and that would be torture! But I wanted so badly to go home and make them scones. I want to be there making memories with him before he leaves for college in a few short months. However I was already at one event and the kids were at their dads house for the weekend.

So I told them where the recipe was and let them know I would help however I could. They called several times;

“What is yeast and where is it.”

‘How do you know yeast is rising, we’ve been watching it of awhile.”

“What is the sugar to cinnamon ratio.”

I loved it.  No, I didn’t get to be there making memories with them. What would have happened if I had been? They would have watched a movie while I made scones. So since I wasn’t there, what happened?

They learned. My son learned a new skill! He knows how to make scones, he learned that he can go find a recipe and make food! I’m filled with pride and excitement when I see the writing on the wall.

He’s going to leave me and the nest soon.

He’s going to be ok.

And that is my job as a mom. To teach them how to leave me and survive it, no to thrive!!


Mothering boys

Frequently as a mom I soar up into the stratosphere of knowing all and then I plummet into knowing nothing at all about parenting boys.

I was telling a friend about my oldest son who is 20 and has gone off and made many decisions over the past year or two that I didn’t see coming. Now my 18 year old is experimenting with sapphire blue hair. Meanwhile the 16 year old is doing his darndest to be the best version of himself he can be. I explained to my friend that some of the choices the older boys were making were not how I raised them to be. Her response was “didn’t you?’

“Umm no. I raised them to make other choices, more straight laced looking choices.”

She still disagrees. She explained that I have raised my boys to be who they want to be, I’ve raised them with courage to be different. With artistic gifts that I praised that allows them to branch out and explore their creativity.

It’s my feeling that hair is just hair. Mostly I have always cut my boys hair in a classic boy cut, a style that looks good on them. Ok except for the year or two I thought I could cut hair and those weren’t very classic, and contrary to my oldest sons memory I did not knick his ear with hair scissors once. But once when my oldest was in the last week of 7th grade he really wanted a faux hawk and I let him. It wasn’t my first choice, but it was the last week of school and it’s hair. It grows back. My other son loves his long blue hair. I personally think it looks a little like a My Little Pony mane and I want to braid it.  I know eventually it will fade, turn green and we can have it changed back to blonde.

My 3rd son is a level 10 gymnast at the age of 16. Some boys on his team quit a few years ago because they were teased for being gymnast. This has never bothered my son, I don’t know why. But he is strong and talented and has his own level of courage to be himself.

Isn’t this one of the most important things we can teach our boys? To be true to themselves. In a world that wants to change the way they act with drugs, shaming and fear. Hug your boys and let them spread their wings. There isn’t a one mold fits all in life. We need the doctors, soldiers, artists, dentists, garbage men, we need all of them. So love them, I wish I could go back and love mine more, to be less afraid of what teachers thought or strangers in grocery stores. I don’t remember teaching them to express themselves with tattoos, earnings or blue hair. And I hope some of that is temporary expressions of self, but I love them. Just as they are.

Salt Water in My Veins

I grew up in Northern California about 30 mins from the beach. As soon as I had a drivers license I spent every extra moment at the beach. My senior year was almost entirely at the beach. I loved the packed beaches with herds of people to watch and the private beaches where I never saw another person.

I could spend hours floating in the water, buoyed by the salt water. I love body boarding, surfing anything really. As kids we loved to spend time being pounded by the waves until we were exhausted then laying on the hot sand until we thawed out and could go back for more.

A few years ago before the divorce my ex and I went to St Johns for an anniversary since it had long been a dream of mine. It was like living in a post card. I loved the mountains, jungles, beaches. There wasn’t a ugly spot anywhere on the Island. I snorkeled for hours and floated the rest. I was up before the sun and on the beach by myself so I could watch the sun rise, unwilling to miss a single moment. A highlight was swimming with the turtles in Turtle Bay. This picture of me following a turtle is the last time I wore my favorite bracelet. It’s now somewhere on that ocean floor, a part of the reef. On the far side of the island is a lovely walking path up to the top of the cliffs, it made for some very dramatic pictures. You cross a beach that is covered with white mounds of dead coral.

I feel so landlocked in Georgia. Now I know I’m not as far inland as I could be. Half a days drive and I will end up at in a beach somewhere and thats doable for me. But I know my happy peaceful place will be to one day live where I can see it out my kitchen window, maybe if I’m lucky even hear the surf when my window is open. IMG_5291


Upcyle is one of my new favorite words to follow on hashtags. I love seeing what people do with their trash and used items. I’m so impressed with the ideas I find.

Several years ago when my kids were young it seemed like I was buying new glassware on a regular basis. They were either broken or lost so constantly I felt like the glasses were a disposable item. I stopped buying nice glasses and bought IKEA glassware.

I began to notice how cute the jars were in my fridge. The artichoke heart jar, the jalapeño jar and my new set of glasses came to life. I admit it has become a bit of a problem. I have such a hard time throwing away jars now. I really don’t need another Paul Newman spaghetti jar but it seems such a waste to recycle it in the regular recycle  bins. I have even bought some food items just for the jars, Whole Foods sells the cutest little yogurt in a tiny glass jar that is adorable for juice or when I need to drink my shot of apple cider vinegar in the morning! The Bonne Maman preserves costs a bit more then the Smuckers but the jar opening is larger making a much better cup! Plus it’s almost my name on the glass which is another bonus lol.

Another upside of my jar addiction are the adorable vases they make!! My daughter has taken a few that she loved and painted the inside of them for makeup brush holders and it warms my heart to see the upcyling continuing on.