This lovely son of mine finished his final day as a senior in high school today. We needed to see how he did on his Lit final to make sure he was graduating. He has this thing,  he doesn’t do well for the first half of the semester and then somehow saves it at the last second. It isn’t my favorite way to deal with school. This last month has been incredibly stressful for everyone.

Even though it was a close call, I chose to believe that he would pull it off like he usually does. I ordered graduation announcements and mailed them out. I posted on social media how proud I was. This morning as I was procrastinating a run I realized that it was his last final and I hadn’t done anything to show him that it was cause for celebration. I raced to the store to buy balloons to tie to his car but the line was awful. And me being me I didn’t have my genius idea until he was due to get out of school any minute. So instead I raced to the grocery store while calling my super creative sister who told me to decorate his car with whip cream and Oreos!!

When I got to the church parking lot where he has to park due to the horribly small school parking his car was already gone. I was so bummed I missed my chance to surprise him. But why waste the effort? So I found his car at his dads and I proceeded to decorate his car in the driveway. I went inside to congratulate him and thats when he told  me his last final hadn’t even started yet. I grabbed his hand and brought him outside. His face when he saw his car was everything I hoped for. He lit up from the inside and circled the car and laughed like my little boy. He didn’t even mind that the whipped cream was already melting in the Georgia humidity.

He drove to school to take his final with the cookies still on. Tonight when he stopped by, the Oreos are still there despite the rain we’ve had today. It was very validating.


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