I have had the beautiful experience of spending the last week at Bear Lake Idaho with my family. We haven’t had all my siblings and their kids with my parents in one place in roughly 7 years. Its been a cacophony of sound, smells and conversations. My kids and I leave tomorrow and suddenly it hasn’t been enough.

Did I kiss the baby enough? Have I had enough conversations with all the women? Have I hugged my brothers enough? I find these events to be such a balancing act. I have limited time with my son as well, as he is about to leave for 2 years, so when he wants to go hike a mountain instead of boat rides with everyone else I feel the need to go hike, but I miss the chance to see everyone.

Isn’t that the gist of the Robert Frost poem? Both paths looked interesting and would have lead to new experiences but we have to make a choice. So many choices and paths I’ve gone down this year.I need to work on finding peace with my choices and to stop looking over my shoulder at the might have beens.


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