Bedtime in Fort Worth


I have a love of sleeping and sunshine. Anytime I can put the two together I am in a happy place! After not sleeping for around 48 hours, seeing my hotel bed bathed in streams of sunset I was out for the count. I managed to mumble an apology to my son for going to sleep before 8pm and invited  him to rent a movie if he got bored and I remember nothing more.


Oh Monday.

Wow Monday jokes are all based in truth. This was a busy day. I worked everyday last week on a movie set that was an hour a way and had a minimum of 14 hours of work on my feet. Crazy but worth it. I left set Thursday morning around 4am drove an hour to get my son so we could drive an hour to the airport to travel out of state for a meet he had in Fort Worth. We didn’t want to waste a day of exploring so I didn’t get to sleep until Friday night. It was just a whirlwind of a weekend, so today was my first chance to catch up on the home front.

I think being so exhausted from last week set me up for a rough afternoon. I really should keep a box of tissues in my car since I end up crying as I drive a ridiculous amount of time.

Two of the 3 kids still at home were over for dinner and that was lovely, I even made them gluten full cookies so I wouldn’t/couldn’t eat any. lol the funny thing is they ate one cookie and instead we ate a mango. I love these guys.

I was laying in bed with my daughter talking about her day and I closed my eyes for a minute. When I opened them she was really close looking at me and she says

“You look really old. You look like a grandma. You have wrinkles here and here and here…”

I kissed her forehead and left her to dream. And here is a lovely picture of me from this weekend to show I do not look like a grandma. Maybe I have a few more wrinkles then Chris Pratt but how can you even notice them when I’m standing next to him? lol


Passenger View

Taking control of my life landed me in the passenger seat of a RV on an amazing road trip. It was so fun in many ways, I have been the driver for the last 20 years on all family road trips, I love driving but it makes it hard to enjoy the scenery. I’m fascinated driving places I’ve never been and looking at the houses, stores, yards, I love to wonder about the people who live there. I soaked up every mile of being in the passenger seat. Thats not to say I didn’t enjoy learning how to drive the RV down the freeway at 75 miles per hour in the dark lol, I enjoyed it all.

My boyfriend and I decided to take a road trip over Christmas break when neither of us had our kids. He found an amazing deal on a RV that needed to get from Las Vegas to Phoenix the same week we were traveling and so we took it!

I’ve never actually traveled in a RV before, I’ve spent the night camping in a camper in my grandparents back yard so this whole experience was new. The bed was less then comfortable, the shower was about 2 feet too small for my companion to fit in and it had a tendency to turn off the heat around 4:30 every morning until we could find which fuse needed to be pulled and reinserted. Let me tell you when it’s 10 degrees outside the RV doesn’t hold on to any warmth for long.

And I loved it. Watching the scenery change from Vegas to the mountains to the grandeur of Zion National Park, and then beyond it to Lake Powell and the Grand Canyon and finally Phoenix was so beautiful. I was quiet and contemplative watching the journey and I hope that didn’t make me a boring travel buddy. I took over 600 photos on my iPhone lol and I was told I should probably be more discriminating with my pictures but I wanted to capture every tiny detail of the beauty.

I definitely love where this road is taking me.


I hope you have the strength to start over

I was going to write a post on my thoughts about a quote I saw today that was attributed to F. Scott Fitzgerald;


I thought it a beautiful sentiment that gives me courage as I’m on my new adventure. Some days I feel like I jumped off the cliff into an abyss. But it’s not a dark scary place, its a place with lots of light and hope. Yes it’s scary, I am still looking for a job and ways to support myself. I want to use this time not to trap myself in a job that makes me unhappy for then what was it all for? I want to find my passion, have adventure, explore, love. Don’t we all? But I’ve done more then think about it, I leapt into the abyss.

Anyway so while I was researching the quote above I found a blog that suggests it wasn’t even him that wrote it! And that leads to the beautiful quote from the movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, and I love what the character played by Brad Pitt has to say, And I hope you see things that startle you. I hope you feel things you never felt before. I hope you meet people with a different point of view. I hope you live a life you’re proud of. If you find that you’re not, I hope you have the strength to start all over again.

If you want to read the article about the misquote it’s entertaining, and happily shows that I am not the only one to fall in love with misquotes online! “The Curious Case of Misquotation”