Wow Monday jokes are all based in truth. This was a busy day. I worked everyday last week on a movie set that was an hour a way and had a minimum of 14 hours of work on my feet. Crazy but worth it. I left set Thursday morning around 4am drove an hour to get my son so we could drive an hour to the airport to travel out of state for a meet he had in Fort Worth. We didn’t want to waste a day of exploring so I didn’t get to sleep until Friday night. It was just a whirlwind of a weekend, so today was my first chance to catch up on the home front.

I think being so exhausted from last week set me up for a rough afternoon. I really should keep a box of tissues in my car since I end up crying as I drive a ridiculous amount of time.

Two of the 3 kids still at home were over for dinner and that was lovely, I even made them gluten full cookies so I wouldn’t/couldn’t eat any. lol the funny thing is they ate one cookie and instead we ate a mango. I love these guys.

I was laying in bed with my daughter talking about her day and I closed my eyes for a minute. When I opened them she was really close looking at me and she says

“You look really old. You look like a grandma. You have wrinkles here and here and here…”

I kissed her forehead and left her to dream. And here is a lovely picture of me from this weekend to show I do not look like a grandma. Maybe I have a few more wrinkles then Chris Pratt but how can you even notice them when I’m standing next to him? lol



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